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Big Yurt


The space


Welcome to this beautiful yurt in the striking landscape of Mendocino County. You will be staying in a forest of old-growth oaks, madrone, douglas fir, redwoods, and manzanita, surrounded by rare and beautiful vegetation and natural wildlife. Staying in this property is deeply restorative. Part of our natural charm and protection is that there is no cell reception in our beautiful forest, but you have good free WiFi available at the Crossroads for work, recreation, video conferences, and voice-over wifi calling.


The circular shape of a yurt is very inviting and welcoming, offering a sense of harmony and belonging for a group. The Big Yurt is a complete house, although not divided into rooms, and all-around has a great ambiance.


Our property is a family environment, child-friendly, but no pets. To maintain a high environmental standard, please remove your shoes indoors.

Guest Access


You have 120 acres of lush forest to explore. Kindly do not enter closed gates or any units that you did not rent. Otherwise, explore!! 


Explore our magnificent property. Walk and hike all our 6 miles of trails,  visit the redwood grove, rest in the Magical Treehouse, and admire the Natural Earth-made Sauna, and the Meditation Gazebo. These are museum-quality natural buildings designed by renowned natural builder and sculptor SunRay Kelley, and they are common areas open to all guests to enjoy.  The sauna may be privately booked by a guest. If so, kindly do not enter the inside of the sauna.


We ask all guests to exercise discretion when you find other guests, as many people come to Golden Cup Wilderness for a silent, solitude retreat. Other guests come for group training and concentrate on their studies.  Yet other guests will be ever so excited to find you in the forest and will love to chat with you. And so, all of us converge in this magical place working on self-improvement and life improvement.

Places to explore on our property

The property offers a perfect rustic retreat in a remote private forest, in the striking landscape of Mendocino County. It is a rare treat to enjoy 120 acres of great hikes and walks in raw nature and an organic permaculture farm. This is a privileged, extremely protected area by the surrounding mountains and the abundant vegetation and blanket of oaks, madrones, manzanitas, redwoods, and firs. You will enjoy artesian spring water, fresh mountain air, and a pure environment without the background city noise and pollutants. There is no light pollution in our mountains and you can gaze at the fascinating starry night sky. 

Treat yourself!!!

If you would like to treat yourself while you are on your retreat with us you can book a time in our earthen, wood-fired sauna (seasonal only), or book a session with our amazing therapist Jamie Winters (by appointment only). Jamie is an extremely gifted Integrative Craniosacral therapist. Kindly check her page under our Workshop and Retreats tab for more details or contact Jamie at (310) 427-0515 website


Plan your stay. Experience nature.

Nested in the heart of Mendocino County, in the midst of 120 acres of a private forest, the Big Yurt is a fabulous forest stay. The circular shape of a yurt is very inviting and welcoming, offering a sense of harmony and belonging for a group. This full house is lulled by the sound of wildlife, trees, and the creek. In our Forest Village, a charming hub around the creek, by the farm and orchards. The place where you could meet the most interesting forestry, homesteading, and farming characters.

Awesome Big Yurt Gallery

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