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Rustic living

Community Yurt

The Community Yurt is a 700 square feet yurt; a multi-purpose dwelling that can house a small community, it can be the kitchen and dining center for a large event, or the study/conference room for a group; it could even house a family for a season. It is designed to be arranged in many settings: with a kitchen, dining room, living room, adaptable as a bedroom, office, open space for movement or prayer and meditation room.  It has a wood-burning stove and a charming outdoor bath, shower, and self-composting toilet. It can feed and seat up to 20 people, with several guests in the adjacent Sister's Yurt.

Enjoy the sound of the creek in the heart of the forest.

Community Yurt 1.jpg
community Yurt shower.jpg

Sister's Yurt

The Sister's Yurt is another charming example of natural building with beautifully crafted earthen walls made from the mud in the forest. 350 square feet with a wood-burning stove, and the outdoor bathtub, shower and self-composting toilet shared by the Community Yurt.


Very private on the opposite side of the creek.

Sister's yurt 1.jpg

Enjoy the quiet and the beauty of the forest

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