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Rustic living

The Gazebo


The Gazebo is a stunning example of natural building. Handcrafted and fully built from the materials of the forest: redwood, madrone, and earthen walls from the mud of the forest.

Secluded, deep in the heart of the forest,  this 700 square-foot open space, stands just above the creek, at the threshold of the artesian spring.

Perfect space for movement, study, prayer, meditation, and sacred work.

Lulled by the sound of the birds and the creek in the depth of the forest.


Sanctuary by the spring

Far Dome by the Gazebo

The Far Dome by the Gazebo is an independent 300 square-foot structure with its own wood-burning stove,

very charming, hand-crafted, rustic outdoor kitchen, shower, and self-composting toilet. It may be rented independently or as part of an event at the Gazebo or the nearby Sanctuary.


The Sanctuary by the Spring is a very still structure, perfect for silent work, prayer, 




400 square feet, near the Gazebo and the Far Dome.


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