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Welcome Packet

We are so excited to host you and hope that you will find in Golden Cup a home in nature where you will

return to recharge many times in the future.
This welcome packet contains everything you need to know before arriving at your beautiful forest home.

Read through it entirely BEFORE you arrive. Due to the nature of our remote location and wilderness environment,

it is very important that you know how to prepare.
Here you will be immersed in a diverse forest, dirt roads, steep hikes, sustainable living, outdoor toilets and facilities, and a lot of wild natural beauty. The ride through our mountain is wild. Most of our property intentionally

does not have Wi-Fi or cell service to keep things simple and naturally restorative.
With all this in mind, you need to familiarize yourself with this welcome packet before your arrival for a

smooth check-in. We will send you driving directions and a Google pin a couple of days before your arrival.
It is important that you follow the Google pin and our directions carefully, as they will take you directly to your rental. Follow exactly our directions, as certain navigation devices will send you to the wrong spot in the mountain.
NOTE: We are a family-friendly property, and as such we have a no-smoke/alcohol/drug policy, and greatly appreciate your compliance. In addition, while you are on the property, we require following the current
COVID-19 guidelines for social distancing and mask-wearing if engaging with others, not in your group.

About The Property

Golden Cup Wilderness is an 80-acre permaculture botanical sanctuary that focuses on bringing us back to our original design- nature. Golden Cup has five acres of farmland run by our family, contractors, and our volunteer farm scholars. Our goal is to preserve the ways of the land and teach others about sustainability and the healing power of nature.

Our property is characterized by diverse micro-climates, ecosystems, plants, and animals.

The seasonal “Young Creek“, which is part of the Russian River watershed, usually runs through our property from December to July, bringing an abundance of life with it. We have an artesian spring, three active wells, a pond, and four solar power systems.

Compost and self-composting toilets provide beneficial biology to the soil utilizing high carbon from wood chips and forest leaves, high nitrogen from plants and manures, and high bacteria from grasses and kitchen scraps.
We attempt to reuse: from reclaiming water to the land, to self-composting toilets, to building with self-harvested wood, clay, and natural materials... We do all we can to take care of our planet. We are extremely conscious of our environmental footprint and try to find purpose in all we do.

Golden Cup Wilderness is a powerful place in nature surrounded on all sides by gorgeous landscapes and filled with museum-quality natural building treasures. Many structures here were designed and built by SunRay Kelley,

a world-renowned sculptor, artist, and natural builder.

To learn about him you can visit: and see our sauna and hot tub

displayed on his webpage.

We fire up the sauna on Saturdays by request (except during fire ban season).

Whether you're here on a Saturday or not, It is a unique sight you won’t want to miss.
There is a redwood grove with a stunning two-story treehouse to enjoy, and a beautiful gazebo by the creek

where you can practice yoga, dance, read, or meditate. Our property is abounding with beauty and

we are thrilled to invite you into it.


Wifi And Cell Reception

There is free WiFi at the CrossRoads with no password that you can use during your stay as needed.

When you arrive at the CrossRoads, please send us a message that you have arrived safely.

In addition, if you are staying in the Bear Hut or Garden Dome, you will have your own WiFi.

If you want to have phone service in WiFi zones during your stay before you start your trip activate

your cell provider’s voice-over-WiFi so you will be able to call and text through our WiFi. You must activate this before your arrival while you still have cell service. Since we do not have cell reception here, you will not be able to activate that feature once you have arrived.

Being at Golden Cup is a great chance to disconnect and reset in a healing environment.

We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to refresh.

What To Bring

We have wonderfully clean water and wood. No need to pack either.
We supply all your essentials: bedding, towels, warm blankets, and natural soaps/shampoos/cleaning products.

We also supply the kitchen basics: pots, pans, silverware, cups, and bowls. All forest homes have a coffee maker

and a water boiler for tea, in addition to a small selection of teas and coffee. The only home with a proper kitchen is the Bear Hut, the other ones (Garden Dome, Creek Dome, and Earthen Yurt) have small dorm-sized refrigerators inside, and outdoor sinks/grills (gas/charcoal) or cook-top available. Please check your specific rental listing details.

Check the local weather and bring weather-appropriate outdoor gear considering temperature fluctuation between daytime and evening. Make sure to wear hiking shoes/boots if you are staying in the Creek Dome or Earthen Yurt,

or planning to explore the trails.

Each forest home has a basic first aid kit, but you should supplement that with your personal items like your medications, favorite home remedies, insect repellent, and other toiletries.

Headlamps, flashlights, or lanterns are always a good idea when staying in a remote wilderness area.

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