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Garden Dome

The space

Staying in the Garden Dome is a true retreat in nature. There is simple outdoor cooking and outdoor dining, with a gas grill and a sink,  there is also an outdoor hot shower, and all have easy access inside of your privacy fence. The dome is 314 square feet,  totally off the grid, independent with solar electricity and a wood-burning stove.  There is no cell reception in our beautiful forest, but you have good free WiFi available in your private room.  Wifi speed is 12 Mbps Down-4 Mbps Up;  a ground-based microwave relay.

The property offers a perfect rustic retreat in a remote forest area. It is such a treat to enjoy 160 acres of great hikes or walks in raw nature and an organic permaculture farm. It is an extremely protected area by the abundant vegetation in the forest and the surrounding mountains. We enjoy artesian spring water and fresh mountain air. Ecological living in a pure, native environment without any kind of pollution.

All our ecological forest homes are one with the environment, they are architecturally designed using patterns found in nature, natural buildings,

and no pollutants. 

The Garden Dome is located in the Medicinal Garden area of our magnificent forest, and it may be rented independently or as an extension to the Bear Hut for additional guests or special occasions.


Guest access

The Garden Dome has direct private parking all the way to your front door. 

We have 160 acres of lush forest to explore. There are beautiful natural buildings to visit, including a cob sauna built and designed by SunRay Kelley- an internationally renowned natural builder; a huge redwood-grove treehouse; and a meditation gazebo- all these treasures are open for guests to enjoy and retreat. We run the sauna seasonally during Spring and Fall on Saturdays upon request, but you are welcome to explore it whether or not it is being run, as it is a piece of art. While you are on your retreat with us, you can also book a session with our amazing therapist Jamie Winters (by appointment only). Please inquire when you book.

We are a registered organic farm, based on permaculture and biodynamic principles with over 300 different varieties of fruits, nuts, tropicals, medicinal plants, berries, and whatever organic vegetables we are growing. We keep the farm side separate from our wilderness side, but if you are interested we can let you know when we have workshops or farm tours available. Please let us know your email address if you would like to be notified of farm events or sustainability events.  We do not allow harvesting of any kind, except when you come to a harvest retreat or experience.

Places to explore on our property


Explore our magnificent property. Walk and hike all our trails,  visit the redwood grove, the Magical Treehouse, the Natural Earth-made Sauna, and the Meditation Gazebo. These are museum-quality natural buildings designed by renowned natural builder and sculptor SunRay Kelley.

Plan your stay. Experience nature.


Set among 160 acres of natural forest, the Garden Dome is a beautifully unique living space.

In a geodesic dome, the round encircling sensation is very charming & gives a sense of safety and calm. The large window allows you to see the stars, trees, creek, wildlife, and natural light from your bed; it seems as if you're sleeping under the stars, yet you're in a protected, calming space. Totally off the grid & functional during outages with good WiFi. This is a unique glamping experience in nature.

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