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Golden Cup Ranch is located in the rolling hills of northern California. 80 acres of diverse forests, oak savannah and abundant water flow.

You will find yourself from old growth redwoods to rolling hills with oak savannah; from the wet mystical green winters with gushing seasonal creeks to the lush flowering and smells of spring, to the hot dry summers when rolling hills turn golden. Deeply in touch with the cycle of nature.

It's a true privilege to re-discover what is our birth right.

Golden Cup Ranch is located In Mendocino County, 2 hours north of San Francisco, 7 miles west of Hwy 101. It takes 30 minute to get to the nearest town of 15.000 people with local health food store, elementary and high schools, including Waldorf and Montessori schools, hospital and other amenities. 

It is best that we meet you at the 101 exit the first time you come. There is still cell reception there and you won't get lost, On subsequent visits you will remember the way, and can program directions on your phone.


Coming Soon

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