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Our History


The name Golden Cup comes from one of the keystone species here, the Golden Cup live oak, a magnificent tree that helps us in many ways.


When we first stepped onto the land, we were greeted by healthy old-growth forest systems, water flowing out of the ground, and a diverse thriving ecosystem. The only signs humans had ever lived here were the numerous arrowheads and other carvings we found across the land and we continue to find.

It was a small group of people with a desire to live off the land that began the long slow journey of creating an ecological homestead. In the first couple of years, the vision was simple, put in the necessary water systems, power systems, food systems, and shelters,

to sustain human life. We then called in an array of talented natural builders to create beautiful spaces from the land. They need to be witnessed to be

fully appreciated.

Over the years, the vision has matured into a process of creating interwoven communities, from the earth on up, that support each other in the highest of intention. Our land is an amazing experience. It is a rare opportunity to cultivate an intentional living, with a vital lifestyle, while living in harmony with the cycles

of nature: hot dry summers; cool refreshing falls; wet mystical green winters; lush flowering with the smells of spring; unbelievable starry nights; pure water flowing from the ground; pristine air; nature actively collaborating in improving the human.


It's a true privilege to live this way.

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