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Golden Cup Forest Homes

Do you enjoy the commodities of modern living? 

Or prefer an off-road yurt?

Golden Cup arranges the homes in a forest village setting, grouping them for accessibility to water, solar, and roads.

All the homes are rustic, set in the forest, use our native natural materials, with no cell reception,

but some homes have all the commodities, some cover basics, and some go all the way to primitive camping...

Only three cabins have wi-fi in the room.

The others have a central area in the forest to access the common wi-fi.

Some have parking all the way to the front door. Others you need to hike to arrive at your door.

Only two have an indoor full kitchen. The others have an outdoor kitchen with basic cooking utensils.

Some have electricity, others function on solar.

Below you can explore some options:

Are you coming for a private retreat for yourself?

Or come with a group and need a greater area in the forest?

Enjoy our community settings:


The central CrossRoads with community Wifi and picnic table

The Redwood Treehouse

The Cob Sauna area

Open-space Gazebo for celebrations, events, and prayer.


The Village embraces two yurts and two huts, for up to 10 guests


The Medicinal Garden Area holds a straw-bale cabin and a dome, for up to 6 guests 


Inside the Deep Forest are the Forest Tent, the Creek Dome, and the Yome

each one for 2 guests plus camping

These lovely homes stand on their own and are the most secluded on the property 

Including camping, we have accommodated groups of 60

Welcome to the Village

Welcome to the Medicinal Garden Area

Welcome to the Deep Forest