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Golden Cup Homestead is a spiritual and health retreat center; a farm, a forest, and a stunning example of ecological design principles.

Nestled in the rolling hills of Mendocino County, Northern California, it extends over 160 acres of diverse forests and Oak Savannah with mature Redwoods, old-growth Douglas Fir, Manzanita, Madrone, and California Bays.

The pristine air and pure water flow from our creek, wells, and year-round artesian springs. 

​Golden Cup Homestead is a faith-based, family environment proud to host individuals, families, groups, or small communities seeking intentional living, and a supportive environment to welcome transformation into their life. 


We also host events, retreats, and vacations in a rustic, beautiful, pure environment conducive to the well-rounded, natural health of the whole person. 


Golden Cup Homestead is a paradise, an ecological homestead built upon permaculture and Biodynamic principles.

Designed to be self-sustainable for a small community or eco-village year-round, It enjoys abundant vegetable gardens, several orchard systems supporting 300+ fruit and nut trees, ample medicinal plants, bushes, and trees, both native and introduced, creating an interconnected ecosystem from the ground up that help each other thrive.


Golden Cup Homestead rests in a sacred spot in nature where individuals or small groups can retreat into an environment congruent with a naturally healthy lifestyle, with intentional living, where introspection and inspiration from nature help us return to our original design.

A secluded mountain, a valley, a forest. Deeply in touch with the cycles of nature.

It's a privilege to re-discover our birthright.


Golden Cup Homestead is a learning center for integrated sustainability in all aspects of life: in the soil, the farm, our environment, our community, our body, and in our whole person.

We host teachers in different areas that live by, embody and teach sustaining the gift of Life.

Golden Cup Homestead
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