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Golden Cup Ranch:  

Ecological, Permaculture and Natural-Health Retreat Center

Golden Cup Ranch is a permaculture paradise and a spiritual, health and retreat center. It's a stunning example of 12 years of ecological design principles. It extends over 80 acres of diverse forests and oak Savannah with mature redwoods, old-growth Douglas Fir, Manzanita and Madrone. Being remote, secluded, we enjoy pristine air and abundant pure water flowing from year-round artesian springs. 

We are designed to be self-sustainable for a small community or eco-village year-round, with orchards containing over 250 mature fruit, nut, olive and medicinal trees, multiple gardens and a few greenhouses.

Golden Cup Ranch is proud to host individuals, families, groups or small communities seeking intentional living, and a supportive environment to welcome transformation into their life.  We also host events, retreats, and

vacations in a rustic, beautiful, pure environment conducive to rounded natural health of the whole person. 

Camping and one RV space available.

Learning and introspection center
Orchards & Gardens
Forest dwelings

A perfect environment to unveil our inner knowing, our ancient wisdom. Ideal retreat for individuals or groups. We also host workshops and courses in a variety of areas conducive to introspection, inner growth and whole-person health.

Abundant pure artesian water flows from springs and consistent wells. We have 60,000 gallons of tank storage, and 500,000 gallons of pond storage, including a natural swimming pool.

.Abundant water flows from beautiful seasonal creeks.

Our orchards have over 250 mature fruit, nut, olive and medicinal trees.

The gardens are designed to feed a small community year-round, including fruits, nuts, avocados, all vegetables, our own olive oil, and medicinal herbs. 

  • 900-square foot straw bale cabin with adjacent dome; 

  • a single family yurt next to the community kitchen/dining yurt; 

  • a single family dome next to the open-space Gazebo and Sancturary by the creek

  • a beautiful redwood tree house

  • a community area with Cobb sauna and wood-fired hot tub.

  • Sanctuary

  • Open-space Gazebo for celebrations, events, prayer.

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