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Integrative Craniosacral Therapy Sessions 

with Jamie Winters

These sessions nurture, support, and empower the innate healing intelligence of clients with life force energy revitalization through intuitive energy healing using the

catalytic natural forces found within.

Resilience is reconnected and restored. These Craniosacral sessions are integrated with sound healing tools, crystal grids, essential oils, and powerful energy work.

Life-Changing and Transformative

While you are on your retreat with us, you can also book a session with our amazing Integrative Craniosacral Therapist Jamie Winters (Available by appointment on weekends). 

Sessions are mobile and performed in the comfort of your room. Sessions are 90min with a total session time of approximately

2 hrs. Reduced rate available for a subsequent session

booked the same day in the same room.

Location: Golden Cup Homestead

Wilderness Retreats

Ukiah Area

Bookings: 310-427-0515

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